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Los Angeles House Washing

Los Angeles House Washing

Your home is a major investment – and it should look the part. S&N Pressure Washing is here to help your property look its best.

Why Do We Soft Wash?

We get asked this question a lot, and we’re always excited to share our wisdom with customers. Despite the constant barrage of mother nature, you home’s siding is actually relatively delicate. It shouldn’t be exposed to the pressure that comes with conventional pressure. In fact, when it comes to your house, the S&N team deems this method completely old fashioned and unsafe. Our improved alternative is called soft washing.

Soft washing uses the same principle as pressure washing – but it’s a safer, updated version. Our equipment distributes cleaner at a safe, low pressure on your exterior. This means that we can be painstakingly accurate in our cleaning process.

Perks of Soft Washing

When customers get a soft wash solution from S&N, they’re getting a bounty of advantages to their residential property. Some of the biggest perks include:

  • Black stain removal Algae is the most likely culprit for the ugly black stains that bring down your siding. Our cleaning process removes discoloration so you can have siding that looks just as it did when it was first installed.
  • Ultimate quality  From our high-grade cleaning chemicals to our soft washing equipment, we make a spotless result our priority.
  • Safe solutions  No split siding, no water damage – soft washing doesn’t come with the risks that you get from power washing. With our service, you only get benefits, not drawbacks.
  • Versatility Is your home stucco? We’ve got a solution. Vinyl? We’ll take care of it! No matter what material makes up your exterior, our soft wash service is the right fit for it.
  • Curb appeal It’s a no-brainer: Clean siding makes for better curb appeal. Our team is proud to restore your exterior so you can enjoy a spotless first impression that truly does last.

When you choose S&N Pressure Washing, you can always expect a picture-perfect first impression and siding that will last. Start with a free estimate – and end with a beautiful result for your home!


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